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I believe I’ve done my due diligence and have seen many, many, eclipse template examples — as well as having written quite a few. I’ve checked StackExchange, Eclipse Help, and various goggle-y results to no avail — not to mention lots of trial and tweaking.

But I’m stumped with what would be simple to script in emacs or Visual Studio.

My goal: I would like to add some code in the body of a method (just under the declaration would be fine — though more control would be better) and refer to a specific argument in the method — ideally with word selection.

So, given something like:

public void doSomething(String withMe)…

I would like to be able to select “withMe”, hit ctrl-space, etc., and then have something like the following:

public void doSomething(String withMe) {
    if (withMe == null) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(“withMe cannot be null”);

A basic (doesn’t work) template might include something like:

if (${word_selection} == null) {
    throw new IllegalArgumentException("${word_selection} cannot be null");

I can find no way to select the word, then move the cursor to the next line (or better yet add a new line after the next line) down before adding the text. I’ve tried tweaks like trying to use the line_selection as well (which seems likely part of the solution — if there is a solution).

Thanks much!

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