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Git Bash comes installed with a pretty old version of OpenSSH (v 4.6p1), and I was wondering if there's a straightforward way to update it to the latest version under Windows 7?

I've searched the web far and wide, but sadly can't find anything about this.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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0.9.8e is the version of OpenSSL in git bash, not of OpenSSH. These are different components. –  Holger Just Jun 19 at 18:54
Also, ControlPersist won't bring you much speed improvement at all as git uses a single ssh connection. Thus, once the connection is established (which happens once per push), you will not gain anything. –  Holger Just Jun 19 at 19:01
Ah, so it is, thanks. It's using OpenSSH version 4.6p1, which is still very old. I've read elsewhere that just updating OpenSSH can yield significant improvements, so if anybody knows how to update it, I'd appreciate it. –  Bonito Jun 19 at 19:13
Have you checked: sshwindows.sourceforge.net –  David C. Rankin Jun 19 at 23:11
That version is from 2004. The current official site is at openssh.com but even after installing it it doesn't automatically update the Git version. Manual steps are required. This site (darrell.mozingo.net/2011/09/29/…), for example outlines instructions on how to perform an OpenSSH update for Git, but it's for GitExtensions and uses Cygwin's .dll files. This results in all my paths having a cygdrive pre-fix (amongst other issues). So I was hoping someone may know of similar instructions, exclusively for Git Bash. –  Bonito Jun 20 at 0:57

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