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Hi I need some sample SQL Server Employee database with data such as id, surname, name, age, adress etc. It must be quite big, I search with google, but I don't find any good sample. Can any body help ?

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This question would be on-topic at – Nicolas Raoul Jul 24 '15 at 11:38

The Northwind database contains some sample employee data in a .mdf file which can be attached to SQL Server.

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This might not be Employee based, but is definitely worth having a look


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thank you very much – Tom Mar 12 '10 at 15:40

Checkout Employee Info Starter Kit:

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if you have access to Microsoft Visual studio for Database professionals it has a data generator built in which you can use link text

Also the AdventureWorks db also has a Employee table i think.

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The only tool I can think of is Red Gate Data Generator.

Otherwise, you'd be looking at someone's actual data or expecting someone to provide such a tool free of charge.

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You may find it a challenge to find such a database, privacy concerns prevent most publication of personal data such as you require. You may find one using pseudo-data, that is data that looks like what you want but is not about 'real' people. But you will probably find it easier to generate your own such pseudo-data. If you take this approach you can be sure that the data you generate meets your requirements too.

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The old Northwind database has Employee table but that's quite small.

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