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Smartwatch 1 has an arduino kit https://github.com/underverk/SmartWatch_Toolchain

The SW2 has a SM32F4 chip in it from what I've found online. And porting the F4 to the arduino toolchain it compiles fine (although all of the devices are wrong and I do not currently have a watch to mess with)

What is the best way to get the drivers working for the SW2? How did the original SW1 get them for the original adruino kit? (I see "sony tip" in the code - maybe they worked directly with them)

Questions such as here Sony Smartwatch - open smartwatch getting started? make it seem that even the SW1 adruino code was not complete (the code was 'alpha')

Interested in getting at least the display(screen/lcd), rtc (clock) and usb working

Missed this somehow http://developer.sonymobile.com/services/open-smartwatch-project/smartwatch-hacker-guide/ - which clearly says what is connected to where.

Released in the midst of the SW2. Don't want to 'guess' these are the same.

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