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I have a situation in GLSL where I need to calculate the divergence of a vector in fragment shader

vec3 posVector;

Divergence is mathematically given by

enter image description here

It's a dot product between vector and Gradient.

Does anyone how to compute this ?

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You can already get the screen-space partial derivative of posVector in GLSL with respect to X and Y using dFdx and dFdy. The with respect to Z part here makes me think that would not help you tremendously. –  Andon M. Coleman Jun 19 at 19:01
Yes, this is the problem here. I'm also thinking the same how to calculate dFdz? –  ammar26 Jun 19 at 19:02

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The divergence of the position vector is the the divergence of the identity vector field

F: ℝ³ -> ℝ³

F(r_) = r_

and div of that is both const and known:

div(r_) = 3.

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