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Create a folder [LOAN_DATA] with below command

 /my_work/hadoop-1.0.3/bin$hadoop fs -mkdir hdfs://masterNode:8020/tmp/hadoop-hadoop/dfs/LOAN_DATA

Now when we open using web URL

Contents of directory /tmp/hadoop-hadoop/dfs shows LOAN_DATA

Then I want to store some Data from a TXT file to the LOAN_DATA folder using PUT or copyFromLocal I get

put: Unknown command

/hadoop fs –put '/home/hadoop/my_work/Acquisition_2012Q1.txt' hdfs://masterNode:8020/tmp/hadoop-hadoop/dfs/LOAN_DATA

How to resolve this issue?

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Tried your command and "it appears", there is a typo error in the above command 'hadoop fs –put ....'.

Instead of '–put', use '-put' or '-copyFromLocal'. Problem is with '–' but the correct character should be '-'. As such, the error is obvious :-)

Here is my example (using a get command instead of put):

$ hadoop fs –get /tmp/hadoop-data/output/* /tmp/hadoop-data/output/
–get: Unknown command
$ hadoop fs -get /tmp/hadoop-data/output/* /tmp/hadoop-data/output/
get: `/tmp/hadoop-data/output/part-r-00000': File exists

-Regards Anand

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