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assert(false, "statement is true") produces output (to stdout, by default) containing the descriptive message "statement is true". What if I want the output to also contain the descriptive message for assertions that pass, i.e. if I instead have assert(true, "statement is true"), is there an easy way to get it to send to stdout something along the lines of "asserting 'statement is true'... OK"?

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why not refute ? – Arup Rakshit Jun 19 '14 at 19:21
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You have to manually print your message, you can define your own assertion or helper method. Try:

def assert_with_message(condition, message)
  assert condition
  puts message


assert_with_message true, "Assertion success message"
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Sure, just try:

def assert_if(condition, message)
  assert(!condition, message)

and now:

assert_if true, "statement is true"
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