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Okay, so I am using nodejitsu's forever(v0.11.1) module to keep my NodeJS(v0.10.28) + expressJS(3.5.1) server running on VPS(CentOS-6.4).
Everything was working smoothly untill recently when I started getting following error while running command: forever start server.js
As soon as I run this command I got the following error:
Image showing error while running forever

I tried to see the file: ls - l /root/.forever/tVYM.log, No such file was found

When I tried to start my node server using pm2, I got the following error:
enter image description here
I don't understand why is this happening even if I am root(su) user. Also, if I try to edit my server.js file, CentOS won't let me edit file and warns me about insufficient privilege.

But when I rebooted VPS and used forever, things were okay again but after some time, my server went down again and when I used forever to run my node app, forever threw the same error.
I just can not see reason behind this.

Thanks in advance

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see this‌​, explicitly put your logs in a directory you have access to (e.g. a users home folder). –  pseudonym117 Jun 19 at 19:23
Is your file system read only? Maybe it got corrupted and emergency switched to ro? Check with "mount" and "dmesg". –  CFrei Jun 19 at 21:53

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