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How to deal with the Hibernate hql multi-join query result in an Object-Oriented Way?

As I see it returns a list of Objects. yes, it is tricky and only you who write the query know what should the query return (what objects).

But are there ways to simplify things, so that it returned specific objects with no need in casting Object to a specific class according to its position in the query ?

Maybe Spring can simplify things here? It has the similar functionality for JDBC, but I don't see if it can help in a similar way with Hibernate.

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@EugeneP Can you post some example ??? – Arthur Ronald Mar 12 '10 at 14:29
This is a great question. Maybe this guy might know the answer...… – JGFMK Dec 9 '10 at 19:48

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The traditional approach is to return only a Root Entity Type, and ensure that the entities that come are (left/right/inner) joined properly, so when you do entity.getChilds() the childs are already loaded.

Another approach is to use the select new CustomClass(a,b,c) (see docs here). You can create a POJO class called CustomClass (it doesn't need to be mapped) and map the query results directly to the class.

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