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Are variadic-functions kind of deprecated since C++11 has variadic template functions ? More specifically, do variadic-function have any advantage in a particular situation ? I know variadic-macros can have their uses. What about variadic functions ?

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Whether they have no use and whether they are deprecated are two unrelated things. Which is it you're asking about? –  hvd Jun 19 at 21:55
No they are not deprecated. Variadic functions is a C feature and in my humble opinion cannot be deprecated due to C++ compatibility with C. –  101010 Jun 19 at 21:59

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Variadic templates are variadic at compile time; variadic functions are variadic at run time. In other words, a variadic template function is compiled to accept however many parameters are passed to it, while a regular variadic function is compiled to accept any number of parameters.

You can put a variadic function like printf into a library and ship it to somebody to use without source code. You cannot do that with a template function because its source code needs to be available to the caller.

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