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I have an iPhone game that I am developing that includes Game Center Multiplayer. The multiplayer consists of playing against a opponent for exactly 60 seconds and whoever has the higher score at the end of the 60 seconds, wins. The problem I am having is that there is always one player that is always 1-3 seconds ahead of the other time or as my question states, not starting at the exact same time. This is a problem because the timing needs to be exactly the same for both players in order for it to be a fair game.

Here is my code using Apple's didFindMatch method:

- (void)matchmakerViewController:(GKMatchmakerViewController *)viewController didFindMatch:(GKMatch *)match

{ [self dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:nil];

self.multiplayerMatch = match; // Use a retaining property to retain the match.
if (!self.matchStarted && match.expectedPlayerCount == 0)
    self.matchStarted = YES;
    _multiplayerMatch.delegate = self;
    // Insert game-specific code to start the match.
    NSLog(@"Match Starting...");
    [GKPlayer loadPlayersForIdentifiers:_multiplayerMatch.playerIDs withCompletionHandler:^(NSArray *players, NSError *error) {

        if (error != nil)
            // Handle the error.
            NSLog(@"%@", error.localizedDescription);
        if (players != nil)

           GKPlayer *localPlayer = [GKLocalPlayer localPlayer];

            player = [[MultiplayerPlayer alloc] initWithLabel:_playerLabel initWithPlayerName:localPlayer.alias];
            GKPlayer *temp = players[0];

            opponent = [[MultiplayerPlayer alloc] initWithLabel:_opponentLabel initWithPlayerName:temp.alias];

           MultiplayerGame *newGame = [[MultiplayerGame alloc] initWithSize:self.view.bounds.size withMatch:_multiplayerMatch withPlayer:player withOpponent:opponent withMinutes:0 withSeconds:15];

           [_skView presentScene: newGame];



What can I possibly do so both players are synchronized perfectly or NEAR perfectly for each multiplayer match?

I will appreciate any help as I have been stuck on this for a very good while!

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