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My example is similar to this - The only problem is I cannot rewrite this query to cope with columns that have spaces inside it

In the example below suppose that rather then [Oranges] you had ['Oranges And Apples'] in one cell.

For some reason adding an "'" means the pivot function returns NULL everywhere and [Oranges And Apples] is of course not valid

What am I doing thats wrong here?


SELECT SalesPerson, [Oranges] AS Oranges, [Pickles] AS Pickles
(SELECT SalesPerson, Product, SalesAmount
FROM ProductSales ) ps
SUM (SalesAmount)
FOR Product IN
( [Oranges], [Pickles])
) AS pvt
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You don't need the apostrophes.

( [Oranges and Apples], [Pickles])
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