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Are there any software versioning standards? Or i can change version of my product, when i have made some changes to it?

Is there any percentage in changes, by which i can say, what version this product will have?

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For end-user software you can practically run wild and let PR handle the version numbers. For libraries you should go a more engineering-like route ;-) –  Joachim Sauer Mar 12 '10 at 10:25

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No rules. You decide.

There seems to be a common agreement:

  • You increment the version number when you make significant changes or the amount of service packs and updates makes the application noticeably advanced over the original version.

  • The smaller a change is, the smaller the increment in subversion numbers. Bug fix -> behavior change -> new feature -> service pack for lots of features -> some big change or a new module.

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Some people have proposed software version number conventions. Here are two:

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There is some good advice in Software Release Practice HOWTO.

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