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  $_SESSION['regName'] = $regValue;

<form method="get" action="get_reg.php onsubmit="returnvalidateForm()" name="myForm" >
<input type="text" name="regName" value=""><br>

Then on get_reg.php

$regValue = $_GET['regName'];  
<?php  echo "<html>   
  our registration is: ".$regValue." ,

so when I go back to the first page the input is blank, I want that the input is shown there

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first use this session_start(); at top of your page (in every page where you use/create session) –  Feroz Akbar Jun 20 at 3:07
Sidenote: Unbalanced quotes in <form method="get" action="get_reg.php onsubmit="returnvalidateForm()" name="myForm" > –  Fred -ii- Jun 20 at 3:09
Ok, sorry about that –  Tsg91 Jun 20 at 3:14
Missing it for action="get_reg.php so it's action="get_reg.php" –  Fred -ii- Jun 20 at 3:15
Here are a few tutorials that will surely get you started in the right direction thesitewizard.com/php/sessions.shtml and sitepoint.com/php-sessions - "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. SHOW a man how to fish and will feed him for the rest of his life." ;-) –  Fred -ii- Jun 20 at 3:17

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You can do it with a simple function, there many ways to do

//at top of page dont forget to start session in both pages 

function input_val($key, $remember = true) {
    $value = '';
    if(isset($_REQUEST[$key])) {
       $value = $_REQUEST[$key];
       //Store value in session if remember = true 
       if($remember) {
         $_SESSION['old'][$key] = $value;
       return $value;
      //Return session data
      return isset($_SESSION['old'][$key]) ? $_SESSION['old'][$key] : $value;

here is your updated code

<form method="get" action="get_reg.php" onsubmit="returnvalidateForm()" name="myForm" >
<input type="text" name="regName" value="<?php echo input_val('regName') ?>"><br>

Then on get_reg.php

$regValue = input_val('regName');  //use above function to get value
<?php  echo "<html>   
  our registration is: ".$regValue." ,

Hope it helps, dont forgot to to clean up the session when done unset($_SESSION['old'])

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so you paste the function on both pages? –  Tsg91 Jun 20 at 3:58
yes it required, i will create a separate functions.php to store all helper function and then include it in both page after session_start(); –  Saqueib Jun 20 at 4:35
Thank you so much, everything worked out, you are the best! –  Tsg91 Jun 20 at 13:10
Glad i helped, don't forgot to accept my answer @Tsg91 –  Saqueib Jun 22 at 3:30
Hey, I just did, but I'm actually starting to notice a problem, it seems like by default is taking blank as input, I mean as soon as I run it, it will take the blank as input, I tried using a javascript for the validation for if the field is empty , but not even that works, even if put a placeholder, when I start the page the blank, takes over the placeholder –  Tsg91 Jun 23 at 14:24

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