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I want to do an API for an Android app. When searching, I found {grape}. I'm following this tutorial, but I have a problem launching the Rails server:

=> Booting WEBrick
=> Rails 4.0.2 application starting in development on
=> Run `rails server -h` for more startup options
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server
ive_support/dependencies.rb:464:in `load_missing_constant': Unable to autoload c
onstant Usuarios, expected C:/Sites/appCerca/app/api/v1/usuarios.rb to define it

My directory:


and the files:

module AppCerca
  class Application < Rails::Application
      config.paths.add "app/api", glob: "**/*.rb"
       config.autoload_paths += Dir["#{Rails.root}/app/api/*"]

AppCerca::Application.routes.draw do
  mount API::Root => '/'

module API
    class Root < Grape::API
        prefix 'api'
        mount API::V1::Root

# app/api/v1/root.rb
module API
    module V1
        class Root < Grape::API
            mount API::V1::Usuarios

# app/api/v1/usuarios.rb
module API
    module V1
        class Usuarios < Grape::API
            version 'v1'
            format :json

            resource :usuarios do
                desc "Return list of authors"
                get do

Why am I getting this error? I am using Ruby 1.9.3p484 and Rails-4.0.2.

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Could you try to rename all API to Api in your *.rb files? –  huocp Jun 20 '14 at 5:28
I tried but the same error: –  HatsuMora Jun 20 '14 at 14:15

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Try either

  • Moving your API code's files from app/api to app/api/api, or

  • Moving your API classes outside the API module (i.e. deleting all the module API lines and their corresponding end statements).

From Grape's documentation:

Place API files into app/api. Rails expects a subdirectory that matches the name of the Ruby module and a file name that matches the name of the class. In our example, the file name location and directory for Twitter::API should be app/api/twitter/api.rb.

Thus the correct location for your API::Root class would actually be app/api/api/root.rb.

With this change your code starts and works fine for me on Rails 4.0.2.

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Thanks you so much, now i can continue the tutorial, i try the first opction. –  HatsuMora Jun 21 '14 at 23:53

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