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I'm trying to get all the input elements from a certain form from jQuery by providing only the name of the form and only knowing that those wanted fields are input elements.

Let's say:

<form action='#' id='formId'>
<input id='name' />
<input id='surname'/>

How do I access them individually with jQuery? I tried something like $('#formId > input') with no success, in fact an error came back on the console "XML filter is applied to non-XML value (function (a, b) {return new (c.fn.init)(a, b);})"

Maybe I have to do it with .children or something like that? I'm pretty new at jQuery and I'm not really liking the Docs. It was much friendlier in Mootools, or maybe I just need to get used to it.

Oh and last but not least, I've seen it asked before but no final answer, can I create a new dom element with jQuery and work with it before inserting it (if I ever do) into de code? In mootools, we had something like var myEl = new Element(element[, properties]); and you could then refer to it in further expressions, but I fail to understand how to do that on jQuery

What I ended up doing was something like this: $('#where').before("<a id='linkId' href='#'>Link Text</a>") but this defeats the requirement of working with it before inserting it if you know what I mean.

Thanks in advance.

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I hope this answers your questions.

<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ready(function() {
        // Question part 1
    var formInputs = $("form#formId :input");
    formInputs.each(function(index) {
         alert(index + ': ' + $(this).attr("id") + "=" + $(this).val());

        // Question part 2
    var a = $("<a id='linkId' href='#'>Link Text</a>");{alert("hello")});


<form action="#" id="formId">
  <input id="name" type="text" value="foo" />
  <input id="surname" type="text" value="bar" />
  <input id="phone" type="text" value="911"/>
<div id="where"></div>
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If you want all descendants then @woland's answer works. If you really only want the direct children as indicated by your > then


Wolands matches name, surname and phone. Mine matches just name and surname

<form action='#' id='formId'>
<input id='name' />
<input id='surname'/>
<input id='phone'/>
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What's the difference then? #formId > input should do the job. +1 anyway, good answer. – St.Woland Mar 12 '10 at 10:44
In css selectors, the difference between "#formId > input" and "#formId input" is that the ">" only matches elements which are directly below the #formId in the dom. "#formId input" matches any descendant. The input could be nested in 15 divs and it would still match. – Matt Dotson Mar 12 '10 at 20:18

Here's how it works:

$('#formId input')
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If you want to loop through all of the inputs, take a look at the each() function in jQuery:

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+1 for teaching me about the each function which even though I had read it, I also forgot about it. – johnnyArt Mar 12 '10 at 10:39

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