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Guys basically I've plugged in a bunch of Android devices to a computer and each of them has adb enabled. I'm running a shell script to push certain files to the devices using the Device Serial Numbers stored in a text file. When I trigger the script the first time it works. if i trigger it again adb throws an error , "error device not found" though the devices are still detected using adb. If i close the terminal and reopen it and run the script it works fine. I plan to eventually automate the script running. How can i stop this from happening.

EDIT: This is the piece of code where the adb shell commands are triggered

cat device_serial | while read line
adb -s $line shell
cd /data/
adb -s $line root
adb -s $line push 'stestfile.txt ' /data/
echo "done"
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Share your script – Pankaj Kumar Jun 20 '14 at 5:18

I need to look at the script to fix the issue.

But looks like the problem is that the next time you run the script, you are actually in the device's shell instead of your computer's.

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