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I need help with two issues:
1. I have downloaded and built the PJSIP library with the help of the link http://trac.pjsip.org/repos/wiki/Getting-Started/iPhone
Now I could not find anymore tutorial/guide on how and which binaries to include in my XCode project. Also I could not find any sample code/guide that tells how to use the library, create SIP stack, start SIP session etc. etc. Please help me to include this library in my own project and build the SIP stack to connect to my SIP server.
I am using XCode 5 with iOS SDK 7.1.1

2. Can I upload my iPhone application to App Store which uses PJSIP ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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2. yes, you can submit. we have already submitted an application with PJSIP to AppStore, there was not any problem during the review proceure. –  holex Jun 20 at 10:41
@holex; What I meant was that is there any licensing issue with the code ? Can we use the pjsip code in our app and call/distribute the app as our own app ? Also, please tell me the basic steps to create SIP stack using pjsip. Thanks a bunch. –  Abbas Awan Jun 20 at 13:24
yep, we are licensing it, because our app is not an open-sourced but commercial application. we used the sample iOS project from PJSIP's site, and their own documentation for developing our project. we had spent a several weeks learning the system and finally establishing the telephony service in an iOS app via our server. –  holex Jun 20 at 15:04
@holex I will be very thankful if you could point me to the right direction in building the app. At-least share the web pages link where I can start building the application. Many thanks in advance –  Abbas Awan Jun 21 at 10:14
pjsip has dual licensing policy pjsip.org/licensing.htm so probably you should by it for commercial use –  chebur Oct 8 at 14:35

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