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I am trying to create a custom UITextField with search bar behavior, when the UITextField is focused, a button from the right will move in and the UITextField size will them become smaller. And the text in the UITextField should move with animation as well. I tried the following code

[UIView animateWithDuration:0.3
                     self.textField.frame = newFrame;
                     self.textField.rightView.frame = anotherNewFrame;

My question is, the textfield change the size with animation with no problem. However, the rightView does not change size with animation, the text in the UITextField simply JUMPS to the final position. How can I animate the shifting for the text?


Add these two lines in viewDidLoad

self.textfield.rightViewMode = UITextFieldViewModeAlways;
self.textfield.rightView.autoresizingMask = UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleRightMargin;

And in UITextField delegate method textFieldDidBeginEditing

CGRect frame = self.textfield.frame;
frame.size.width = frame.size.width - 50.0;
[UIView animateWithDuration:0.3
                     self.textfield.frame = frame;

Still cannot get the effect desired, the text inside the textfield still jumps when the textfield changes its width with animation. I also tried

UIView *dummy = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)];
dummy.autoresizingMask = UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleRightMargin;
self.textfield.rightView = dummy;

no luck.

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I think you don't need to change the rightView frame as far if you not changing the width and height, if it shifts with the change of the parent textfield, just you need to use UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleRightMargin. – iphonic Jun 20 '14 at 7:44
I put this line self.textField.autoresizingMask = UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleRightMargin; in viewDidLoad, the text still jumps with not animation. – Dino Tw Jun 20 '14 at 15:57
No, put this for the rightView not textfield. And don't animated the rightView, animate only the TextField. – iphonic Jun 21 '14 at 3:26
@iphonic, would you please see the update for the sample code I tried? Still no luck for me. – Dino Tw Jun 21 '14 at 6:15

Please use the code below, it should work..

-(BOOL)textFieldShouldBeginEditing:(UITextField *)textField{
    [self toggleRightView:YES];
    return YES;

-(BOOL)textFieldShouldReturn:(UITextField *)textField{
    [textField resignFirstResponder];
    [self toggleRightView:NO];
    return YES;

        UIView *view=[[UIView alloc] init];
        CGRect rect=CGRectMake(0.0, 0.0, 50.0, 30.0);
        //Place the rightview toward the right side of the textfield.
        view.backgroundColor=[UIColor redColor];

        [UIView animateWithDuration:.3 animations:^{
            CGRect frame=self.txtField.frame;

        [UIView animateWithDuration:.3 animations:^{
            CGRect frame=self.txtField.frame;
        } completion:^(BOOL finished) {
            [self.txtField.rightView removeFromSuperview];


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Tried your code, I could see the rightView shifted with animation, but the text still does not :( – Dino Tw Jun 21 '14 at 7:10

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