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I'm using CKEditor 4.4.1 to create basic html code that will be sent via email. I need to set default inline style for "p" and "span" elements so they look like they are styled in contentCss in the emails. Is there any way to define that?

Here is the code:

$('.js_mail_editor_box').each(function () {
    var txt_id = $(this).attr('id');
    txt_id, {
        language: 'en',
        contentCss: '/css/reset.css',

        toolbarGroups: [{
            name: 'document',
            groups: ['mode', 'document']
        }, {
            name: 'clipboard',
            groups: ['clipboard', 'undo']
        }, {
            name: 'links'
        }, {
            name: 'paragraph',
            groups: ['align']
        }, {
            name: 'colors',
            groups: ['TextColor', 'BGColor']
            '/', {
            name: 'basicstyles',
            groups: ['basicstyles', 'cleanup']
        }, {
            name: 'styles',
            groups: ['Styles', 'Format', 'Font', 'FontSize']
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