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I need to connect my application to JIRA API, and I found module node-jira, that should help me with that.

However, I'm having problem with authentication.

Here's what I done (nothing special, but for some reason, it doesn't work):

var JiraApi = require('jira').JiraApi;

var jira = new JiraApi('https', '[url to my jira project]', 443, '[username]', '[password]', '2.0.alpha1');

jira.getCurrentUser(function(error, issue) {

I receive:

401: Error while getting current user

Any ideas what could go wrong?

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After digging into source code, looks like mentioned method isn't making request properly.

It does this.request instead of this.doRequest. I'll submit it to github repo.

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I just ran into this after asking what I think is a related question… . Did you figure this out? –  abritez Aug 13 '14 at 6:41

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