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I am new in camel world. I wrote some code, it looks ugly:

            def producerTemplate = lookup('template', ProducerTemplate.class)
            // I create NEW exchange because I need original in.body data in next routers
            def exchange = new DefaultExchange(context)
   = someTransformation(
            def result = producerTemplate.send(SOMEWHERE, exchange)
            if (result.exception) throw result.exception

I created addition exchange class here. I don't think it good idea. But when I try to rewrite it use "transform" and "to" I faced some problem:

        .process{// or maybe transform, I guess it doesn't matter here
   = someTransformation(
        .process(someActionWithOriginalExchange(??? how can I get original exchange????))

I don't understand how can I save original message body?

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suggest assessing the code on this page – Rachel Gallen Jun 20 '14 at 10:17

you can just call exchange.getUnitOfWork().getOriginalInMessage() inside of a Bean or Processor

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