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I'm not the only one with that problem but since nobody has found a solution yet, I'll ask it anyway. I need to fit a known function to a different one. Here's the function I want fit to:

function y = epsilon(x, epsinf, wp1, sig1, ga1, wp2, sig2, ga2)
y = zeros(size(x),1);
y=epsinf                               % background
   -wp1^2*sig1./x./(1i*ga1+x)           % Drude
   -wp2^2*sig2./(1i*ga2*x+x.^2-wp2^2);  % Lorentz   

And that's the way I try to fit:

lambda = 10^(-9)*[400:800];
eps = 1+4.187*10^(12)*lambda.^2./(10^(12)*lambda.^2-0.223^2)
x = 2*pi*299792458./lambda;
ft = fittype( 'epsilon(x, epsinf, wp1, sig1, ga1, wp2, sig2, ga2)');
f = fit(x(:), eps(:), ft);

However, I get the following error message:

Error using fit>iFit (line 367)
Function value and YDATA sizes are not equal.

Error in fit (line 108)
[fitobj, goodness, output, convmsg] = iFit( xdatain, ydatain, fittypeobj, ...

Has anyone an idea what the problem is? Thank you in advance!

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What are the dimensions of x(:), eps(:) and the output y from your epsilon function? From what I understand, eps(:) is your "y-data" and it should be of the same size as your output from the epsilon function. –  Geoff Jun 20 at 12:58

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