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I am trying to reduce the size of text in C (gcc )

when I typed size command, the text size was 4096. enter image description here

the program is simple

enter image description here

and then, when I erased newline and initialization like this,

enter image description here

the result is same with before.

I mean the text size is still 4096

enter image description here

how to reduce the size of text??

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Removing whitespaces from your source code won't reduce the size of your executable –  Vincent Jun 20 at 12:39
learn how to program first. and it is not possible. –  Bryan Chen Jun 20 at 12:39
So,what do you think is taking the space---remove all the indentations,it'll show you the same size. –  shekhar suman Jun 20 at 12:39
1+ for using the "Green Screen" ... ;-) –  alk Jun 20 at 12:43
Use a smaller font. (Which is as logical as removing the whitespace in your source.) –  Jongware Jun 20 at 13:53

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__TEXT segment is where your actual compiled code resides, not related directly to the size of the source code file.

  • The most significant means of controlling code size belongs to design - design your program correctly, avoid redundant logic.
  • Microoptimizations like combining variable definition and initialization are meaningless, compiler will do it better than you anyway.
  • Compiler has different optimization options, normally variating between speed improvement to code size improvement. Set the optimization level for minimal code size.
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The __TEXT denotes the Text/Code Segment of the program. It contains the executable instructions of the program. And 4096 is the size of that segment and not the size of the text in your source file.

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For PE executable, the segment size is aligned to the page size which is 4K. –  diapir Jun 20 at 12:55

The reason why the change won't reduce the size of your exe file is that, in the compilation process, is the preprocessor will handle the whitespaces. If you want to know more about it, you should study the compilation process.

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