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Why does this empty the text immediately (ignoring delay)?

$('#error_box_text').html('error text').delay(5000).html('')


jQuery 1.4

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delay will never delay regular methods - only those who are pushed to the animation/effect chain. If you want to delay your html() call, use queue ( http://api.jquery.com/queue/ ):

$('#error_box_text').html('error text').delay(5000).queue(function() {

It would be nice if you could do

$('#error_box_text').html('error text').delay(5000, function() { $(this).html('') });

but this isn't possible (yet).

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var sel = $('#error_box_text');
sel.html('error text');
}, 5000);

See delay()

jQuery.delay() is best for delaying between queued jQuery effects and such, and is not a replacement for JavaScript's native setTimeout function

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