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I have downloaded several new plugins which come with a help file. None of them seem to work from within Vim.

I have the Windows version of gVim and the install dir contains a folder called:

vimfiles vim72

Both folder contain a plugin and doc folder. Where am I supposed to put the plugin?

So when I use :help [helpfile], it says it cannot find it, but I can see it in the doc folder.

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You should extract the new plugins in vimfiles, so then your new helpfiles goes to vimfiles\doc, then issue a

:helptags C:\where\you\had\installed\vim\vimfiles\doc

And then you can use your great new helpfiles.


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If your installation directory is c:\vim, run this command:

:helptags c:\vim\vimfiles\doc

That will update the tags file in the documentation directory and the help should start working.

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