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I get undefined symbol reference errors even after linking with the correct boost library:

undefined reference to `boost::thread::join()
undefined reference to `boost::thread::start_thread()

nm libboost_thread.so -Cg|grep boost::thread::join shows

000000000000ce00 T boost::thread::join_noexcept()
000000000000c1a0 T boost::thread::joinable() const

What happened to join() ?

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boost::thread::join() is an inline function now.

Your build system probably does not maintain dependencies on system headers and ends up linking object files compiled against an older version of boost. Do a full rebuild.

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Thanks. It looks like we are linking with a 3rd party linbrary that was built against an older version of boost that the one we are linking against. Your answer helped me to find that. –  user3612009 Jun 20 at 16:17

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