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What I'm looking for is an eclipse extension to work with PyDev to make different levels of indentation have different colored indentations before it. For example, reference the code block below

1     for line in list:
2         function.dothing()
3         if condition:
4             do something

The plugin I'm looking for, if it exists, would color the spaces between 1 and for one color (say, red), and then the spaces between the numbers and text on lines 2/3 a different color (say, green), and the spaces between 4 and do yet another color (say, blue). Does anything like this exist, if yes, what's it called?

(Bad) graphical representation:

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possible duplicate of Does Eclipse have indentation guides? –  aruisdante Jun 20 at 15:44
After looking at that thread and playing with editbox, I have to disagree @aruisdante. Editbox doesn't provide the exact functionality I'm looking for –  musher Jun 20 at 16:12
There were many other suggestions in that thread. I linked it as a duplicate because it's asking the same question. Unless you're asking for horizontal lines without changing the background (essentially an underline), which I don't think Eclipse's text editors themselves support (or at least I've never seen them) –  aruisdante Jun 20 at 16:38
I'm thinking something like this: imgur.com/RFv5Ep0 –  musher Jun 20 at 18:00
EditBox's color-levels option seems to be like that. –  aruisdante Jun 20 at 18:05

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I don't think there's such an option right now. Currently the closer you can get is EditBox: https://github.com/Nodeclipse/EditBox

Not sure, but it may be something that could be added as an option to EditBox if you're up to changing its code...

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