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Creating my first mock api is turning out to be very unsuccessful.

I followed two solutions:

AngularJS & Jasmine HTTP Backend

Mock HTTP Backend e2e Tests

And my implementation:

describe('[user story] The user would like to capture contractor drilling information', function() {


    var $httpBackend;

    beforeEach(inject(function($injector) {
        $httpBackend = $injector.get ('$httpBackend');

            .when ('GET', '/api/Block/Getblock/1')
            .respond ({
                id: 1 ,
                block_number: '11/11/11'

    afterEach (function () {
        $httpBackend.verifyNoOutstandingExpectation ();
        $httpBackend.verifyNoOutstandingRequest ();

    it ('should returns block data', function () {
        $httpBackend.expectGET ('/api/Block/Getblock/1');
        $httpBackend.flush ();

Can anyone please give me an example on how to achieve this mock-API in an Cleverstack context.

The errors i'm getting:

TypeError: object is not a function @ beforeEach(module('contractor_drilling'));

ReferenceError: inject is not defined @ beforeEach(inject(function($injector) {

Now I read that you need to include angular-mock.js for my ReferenceError to be solved, but isn't cleverstack including this file somewhere already? or is it a setting to turn on or off in cleverstack.

I'm new to cleverstack and quite new to AngularJS so a good thorough explanation would be very helpfull.


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