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I'm running Django with python3.2, and recently discovered that fabric doesn't support Python3.

So I created a second virtual environment (fabric-env) just to run fabric out of.

Here's the fab --version output from the virtualenv:

Fabric 1.9.0
Paramiko 1.14.0

python --version

Python 2.7.3

My fab file looks like this (only relevant lines):

from fabric.api import local

def deploy(branch_name):
    with lcd('/var/www/finance'):
        local('git pull /home/user1/dev/' + branch_name)
        local('/var/www/finance/finance-env/bin/python3 test corefinance')
        local('/var/www/finance/finance-env/bin/python3 schemamigration corefinance --auto')
        local('/var/www/finance/finance-env/bin/python3 migrate corefinance')
        local('sudo service apache2 restart')

When I run this deploy function, I'm getting the following error:

File "/var/www/finance/", line 19, in deploy
    with lcd('/var/www/finance'):
NameError: global name 'lcd' is not defined

The fabric documentation says this function should be available. It appears both fabric and Python are recent enough ( just to be sure fabric is not trying to run off of the different Python, I ran this function both inside and outside my virtual environment).

No hits on Google for the error message...

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You have not imported lcd. Add the following to the top of your file:

from fabric.context_managers import lcd
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