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This is my first project using psycopg2 extensively. I'm trying to find a way to extract the psql error message for whenever a connection attempt fails. I've tested the code below will work if all the variables are set correctly, however whenever an error condition occurs (e.g. user chooses a database that doesn't exist), Python will give me the following:

I am unable to connect to the database
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./duplicate_finder.py", line 163, in <module>
  File "./duplicate_finder.py", line 142, in main
    print e.diag.message_detail
AttributeError: 'OperationalError' object has no attribute 'diag'

Is there a simple, catch-all method to catch whatever error message psql generates when a connection fails, or do I need to write except blocks for multiple psycopg2 exceptions?

Extract from my script:

import sys, getopt, os, time, csv, psycopg2


    conn_string = "host=" + dbhost + " dbname=" + database + " user=" + dbuser + " password=" + dbpass
        conn = psycopg2.connect(conn_string)
    except psycopg2.Error as e:
        print "Unable to connect!"
        print e.pgerror
        print e.diag.message_detail
        print "Connected!"
        cur = conn.cursor()
        cur.execute("SELECT id, lastname, firstname, location FROM test ORDER BY ctl_upd_dttm DESC;")
        print cur.fetchone()
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You are catching all exceptions with the base class psycopg2.Error. Your problem is probably that the diag attribute is new in psycopg2 2.5. What is your version?

>>> print psycopg2.__version__
2.5.1 (dt dec pq3 ext)
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>>> import psycopg2 >>> print psycopg2.__version__ 2.0.14 (dt dec ext pq3) Looks like I'm a few versions behind. Unfortunately, looks like that's the most up-to-date version according to my distro's (Scientific Linux) repos + epel. Might have to go the source route with this . . . –  sirjames2004 Jun 20 at 18:26
Just curious, before I embark on a potentially hazardous quest of manually upgrading psycopg2, is there a way to get the psql connect error messages in older versions of psycopg2, or am I stuck with just giving them a generic message when something goes wrong? –  sirjames2004 Jun 20 at 21:51
@sirjames2004 I don't know. But installing with setup or pip is quite easy: initd.org/psycopg/install. Just remember to yum remove psycopg2 first. –  Clodoaldo Neto Jun 20 at 22:05
@sirjames2004 And you need Python 2.5+ for psycopg 2.5 –  Clodoaldo Neto Jun 20 at 22:30
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