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I'm trying to install Netbeans to learn PHP.

I chose the all option from here


And when I tried installing it on terminal, it said I needed JDK 7. After downloading and installing JDK 7 from


I tried to install netbeans again and it gave me the same message; that JDK is not installed and I need to install it.

What should I do to get netbeans to isntall?

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Did you try using the Package manager? You should already have a JRE installed by default, but you should be able to use:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk

To verify that you actually installed Java on your system you can try:

java -version

Once you have that you should be able to run netbeans by using the netbeans.sh script in the bin/ of the netbeans download. If I remember correctly it doesn't really install anything, just runs from there.

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Thanks man. I got it –  Amuna Jun 20 at 20:37

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