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I have a URL that needs to account for the following patterns:

  • localhost:8000/staffing-agencies
  • localhost:8000/staffing-agencies/90210 (zip code)
  • localhost:8000/staffing-agencies/portland-or (city-state)

When I type in any of these urls in my browser, they all work as expected. However, I'm getting a NoReverseMatch error when I try to refer to this URL from Django's url template tag.

Here are my relevant url.py files:

# From urls.py
urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^', include('bos.apps.search.urls', namespace='search',

# From search/urls.py
urlpatterns = patterns('bos.apps.search',
        'views.main', name='main'),

I thought it might be something to do with the optional parameters, but all of these variances throw the NoReverseMatch error:

<a href="{% url "search:main" zip=97214 %}">Test</a>
<a href="{% url "search:main" city="portland" state="or" %}">Test</a>

This variance does NOT throw an error:

<a href="{% url "search:main" %}">Test</a>

I'm using Django 1.6.5

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This not better solution, this is one of solution

        'views.main', name='main'),

in views:

def main(request, city=None, state=None, zip=None):

in html:

<a href="{% url "search:main"  city='sadasd' state='ds' zip=12345 %}">Test</a>

In this case url work like this,

  • localhost:8000/staffing-agencies
  • localhost:8000/staffing-agencies/-90210 (zip code)
  • localhost:8000/staffing-agencies/portland-or (city-state)
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