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I have a hosting in my home where I'm hosting my website, Can I host my dart application there? Do I have to install anything? Thanks

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To host a dart application, the only thing you need is the dart-sdk available here

After you write your dart application, run it like :

link_to_your_dart_dir/dart-sdk/bin/dart your_main.dart

Be careful to have run

pub get

in the same directory than your pubspec.yaml.

it's pretty the same than with python or ruby.

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I use https://drone.io to automatically build from git hub via pub build. Then I setup drone to have a server deploy that scps/rsync the 'build/web' directory to my deployment server.

You can do this all locally if you want with the dart sdk also. I find drone nice because it's all hooked into git hub and makes a build for every push so I know which changesets pass and which fail.

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