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i got some source code here. the thing is that they are separated to one another. How can i compile them all? cause im use to compile single class only

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More than one class means a project :).

Have you considered using an IDE like Eclipse? Makes life much easier and no need to compile at the console.

You could also use the Ant javac task for example (Ant is a nice build tool, easy to understand and work with).

Or you could resort to a plain javac yourPackage\*.java at the console (javac has lots of options you could use).

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i got to check it out , thanks ! –  LockOn Mar 12 '10 at 14:33

javac *.java // or javac find . -name \*.java // then java TheClassWithAMainMethod

ant nice tool to compile many classes

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if./src - source dir, ./bin - classes dir

for /r ./src %a in (*.java) do (javac -d ./bin -cp ./bin %a)

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