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I have a simple attribute route with three different path segments:

public async Task<HttpResponseMessage> RouteMessage(
    string category, string service, int version = 1)

While the routing works when developing locally, it fails (404) when I deploy it to an IIS server.

The URL that fails:


I'm certain it's not an IIS issue because I can still access the service using non-attribute routing (note that even though v1 isn't an int, the parameter itself has a default value):


I've installed Route Debugging and, as expected, my route does not match the attribute route even though it should.

The app-relative path is listed as ~/v1/search/products, which should match the url format v{version}/{category}/{service} ("version" is also correctly listed with an int route constraint).

Here's an image with the full debug info in case it helps.


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Do you see any error details in the 404 response? –  Kiran Challa Jun 20 at 19:06
I do not. It's a generic 404 page, not a web api response: Server Error / 404 - File or directory not found. / The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. –  nemec Jun 20 at 19:14
Can you share in which order are you registering your routes? –  Kiran Challa Jun 20 at 19:15
I'm using the default MapHttpRoute provided by WebApi. Attribute routing added a call to MapHttpAttributeRoutes before the WebApi route, so it should come first. I only have one Attribute Route, the one listed above. I'm fairly certain that the image I attached lists the routes in order too. –  nemec Jun 20 at 19:19
The thing which i want to get cleared about is whether you are calling config.Routes.MapHttpAttributeRoutes or config.MapHttpAttributeRoutes...this is because you seem to be using AttributeRouting.Net nuget package(based on your GET attribute) and not Web API's in-build attribute routing...so if you are mistakenly calling config.MapHttpAttributeRoutes (which belongs to webapi), then your attribute route is never created in the route table resulting in 404...i know you are mentioning that it works locally, but i want to make sure first.. –  Kiran Challa Jun 20 at 19:23

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Thanks to @Kiran Challa I realized that, although similar, the built-in WebAPI attribute routing is not the same as AttributeRouting.WebApi. I switched to the built-in routing and it all works fine now.

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