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Is there a way to tell Windows not to use the default (first) icon in the application exe for documents associated with that application?

Background: I have a text editor app which can be installed with an msi but also be used as a portable version without installing. Now, if the user right-clicks on a file in explorer and selects "open with", then selects my text editor and checks to box "always use this app to open these file types", then the document icon of that file type changes automatically to the default (first) icon in the editor exe.

My problem is this: that default icon is also used as the icon for the exe itself and in the taskbar and shortcuts to the exe, ... So I'd like to have an icon that resembles an application for that, but use another icon to indicate a document for the file associations. Right now, after a file type has been associated with my editor, the user can't see a difference between a e.g. text file (if it has been associated with my editor) and the editor exe itself since those icons are the same!

Is there any way to tell windows to use a different icon for associated file types than for the exe? Maybe with a manifest? Or a registry entry I'm missing? I would prefer a manifest/resource setting since a registry entry would not work with the portable version of my editor.

Or maybe just tell Windows to not change the icon of the associated file types at all and just change the association?

I've already tried various combinations of registry settings documented here, and also searched for manifest settings but that search came up empty.

Note: this is not a question on how to implement a custom file type.

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