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I'm trying to loop through a hashmap and display a number checkboxes with id the key of the hashmap and label the value of the hashmap. Anyone knows how the tapestry syntax for that is?

Cheers Dimitris

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You should be able to loop through the key set like this:

<form t:type="Form">
    <t:Loop t:source="myMap.keySet()" t:value="currentKey"> 
        <input type="Checkbox" t:type="Checkbox" t:id="checkbox"
        <label t:type="Label" for="checkbox">${mapValue}</label>

Class file:

private Object currentKey;

private Set<String> selection = new HashSet<String>();

public Map<String,String> getMyMap() {

public boolean getCurrentValue() {
     return this.selection.contains(this.currentKey);

public void setCurrentValue(final boolean currentValue) {
    final String mapValue = this.getMapValue();

    if (currentValue) {
    } else {

public String getMapValue() {
    return this.getMyMap().get(this.currentKey);

I haven't compiled this, but it should help you get started.

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Thanks a lot!!! That's exactly what I was searching for. Had to add a method. public String getLabelValue(){ return this.getMyMap().get(this.currentKey); } and change <label t:type="Label" for="checkbox">${labelValue}</label> in order to display the values of my HashMap and pass the keys to the next page. Thanks a lot... – Sfairas Mar 15 '10 at 16:29

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