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If I use the line :

canvas.drawLine(stx,sty, spx,spy);

How can I later detect with for example MotionEvent whether the line was touched or not? Let's assume that the line is not straight.

I know there are things like Rect or RectF that can handle events but with those I can't draw slope lines.

Maybe someone could suggest me an alternative method to draw this lines so that the object used could handle the events...

Well after all night research it seems that the way to go is to switch from Canvas to OpenGL ES API.

And yet another foul trail...

But after giving it a second though if have

Line ( Point ( x1, y1 ), Point2 ( x2, y2))

Like a loving mother, Math comes with understanding and simple answare, with simple line of code we can determine wheather the event point is contained in Line:

(x2 - x1)(eventY - y1) = (y2 - y1) (eventX - x1);

To simply blur the touch area we can add:

for(int i = -10; i<10;i++){
 for(int j=-10; j<10; j++){
  if((x2 - x1)*(eventY+i - y1) == (y2 - y1)* (eventX+j - x1))
   return true;}}
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pleases put more effort into a nice presentation. Title should not have * simple * misspelling, it seems a bit unfair to us. and though I use "aint" as much as the next guy, I cringe to read it – Coffee Jun 20 '14 at 21:26
I know this doesn't give you the code... sorry, welcome to the meta-world of hehe – Coffee Jun 20 '14 at 21:28
i dont need the code , im looking at least for idea how to do smth like this. – Verthais Jun 20 '14 at 21:30

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