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I've seen videos introducing ASP.NET vNext and been keeping up with the recent announcement blog posts, but detailed information on what's been stripped from the full framework appears slim. Here's what I think I know so far:

Are we basically looking at a framework that basically includes nothing more than what's in mscorlib in the full framework, with all else delivered via package management? And if this is the case, why would one need to target the framework specifically, as described here? http://blogs.msdn.com/b/webdev/archive/2014/06/17/dependency-injection-in-asp-net-vnext.aspx

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The reason they specifically target NET45 in the link you supplied is because AutoFac is built for and has a dependency on .NET 4.5. Without NET45 the code wouldn't compile.

My assumption is that once vNext gets closer and closer to release the Autofac (and StructureMap, and Castle Windsor, and ...) will release a version that targets the cloud optimized framework to remove the dependency.

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