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How would you do this using blade's @import method? I've tried:

@if (@include('/path/to/phpfile'))
    <h2>Oops! It doesn't look like this page exists!</h2>

also tried with file_exists(), no dice :(

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already tried with file_exists() as stated. File_exists() doesn't get rendered through laravel's blade. –  bnynn Jun 20 at 22:20
The file_exists() should work: unless you're providing the wrong path, I suspect it's your include that's wrong.... When you call @include('filename'), Blade automatically looks for any file with that name, inside the apps/views directory. Also, you're not supposed to write the file extension, as Blade automatically looks for files with .blade.php and .php extensions. –  Mark Baker Jun 20 at 22:27
I meant that I want to be able to use blade's syntax of not including .blade.php for every file as well as being able to use path.to.file instead of path/to/file file_exists() requires that the file end with an extension –  bnynn Jun 20 at 22:29
If you want to use files from other directories on the @include tag, add the directory to the paths array, on app/config/view.php. –  Mark Baker Jun 20 at 22:30

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You may try this:

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