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I have a simple user defined StringList class in C++. Its underlying container is a std::vector.

It would be convenient, when using this class in python, to have any StringList object converted to a Python list whenever returned by a python wrapped object.

The StringList class do contain a function, getContainer(), that do return a reference to the underlying vector<string> object, and I would think this function could be used somehow?

For example, the C++ code

Raven aRaven;
StringList molecules;
molecules = aRaven.getMoleculesInDB();

populates the molecules object with a list of moleculenames (strings).

In Python, this looks like this, including code to loop over the list:

aRaven = Raven()
molecules = aRaven.getMoleculesInDB()

print 'There are ' + `molecules.count()` +' available.' 
for mol in range(molecules.count()):
    molName = molecules.at(mol)                

It is desirable to instead of creating a StringList object in the aRaven.getMoleculesInDb(), creating a Python list with strings (from the underlying std::vector container). Then the user could write

aRaven = Raven()
molecules = aRaven.getMoleculesInDB() # <--- Returns a Python list of strings

for molName in molecules:
    print 'molName'

Any pointers on how to achieve this in the swig interface file?

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Do you mean have it converted to a Python list? I'm not 100% clear on which part of the Python-C++ interaction you're trying to improve--Python calling C++ or the other way. –  John Zwinck Jun 21 at 4:40
Post the python code you would like to be able to write, this will clarify a few things. –  Schollii Jun 21 at 12:43
I updated the question with some code showing what I'm trying to achieve. –  Totte Karlsson Jun 21 at 21:23
You don't need to convert it to a python list to get that behaviour, implementing the iterator protocol is enough. Does my answer at: stackoverflow.com/questions/8776328/… cover it for you? –  Flexo Jun 29 at 12:11

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