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Say you have the string "Hi". How do you get a value of 8, 9 ("H" is the 8th letter of the alphabet, and "i" is the 9th letter). Then say, add 1 to those integers and make it 9, 10 which can then be made back into the string "Ij"? Is it possible?

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Wondering how you want to handle edge cases? If you had "Yz" what would you expect the new string to be? – SteveTurczyn Jun 21 '14 at 2:02
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use ord to get the ASCII index, and chr to bring it back.

'Hi'{|x| (x.ord+1).chr}.join
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Note Cary Swoveland had already given a same answer in a comment to the question.

It is impossible to do that through the numbers 8 and 9 because these numbers do not contain information about the case of the letters. But if you do not insist on converting the string via the number 8 and 9, but instead more meaningful numbers like ASCII code, then you can do it like this:

# => "Ij"
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I posted a solution below that does what OP wants. Adjust argument to rotate if you want to do a bigger shift. Granted I don't use the 8 and 9 like mentioned in the question, but the answer is very much in the spirit of the question I think. – Michael Kohl Jun 21 '14 at 5:18

You can also create an enumerable of character ordinals from a string using the codepoints method.

string = "Hi"{|i| (i + 1).chr}.join
=> "Ij"
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Preserving case and assuming you want to wrap around at "Z":

upper = [*?A..?Z]
lower = [*?a..?z]
LOOKUP = ( + { |c| LOOKUP[c] }.join
#=> "Ij"
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