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I have looked through a lot of questions and I am still unable to understand this syntax in Big Nerd Ranch.

-(void) setContainedItem:(BNR *)containedItem
  _containedItem = containedItem;
  self.containedItem.container = self;

Here self.containedItem.container = self, does it mean

[[self containedItem]container:self]

which is equivalent to

[[self setContainedItem]container:self]

I am confused and trying to get a way around this. Please kindly explain.

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This isn't one construct — it's two property accesses. Just read it from left to right with each dot its own operation. We aren't assigning anything to self.containedItem, so we're just getting its value. OK, that's one operation. Then we set the container property of the object returned by that operation to self. So this is roughly equivalent to:

[[self containedItem] setContainer:self]
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Great, but containedItem is syntesises to be like this: @property containedItem = _containedItem therefore [self containedItem] should mean setContainedItem, not the value? This is the only thing i wish to vl;arify –  user3238496 Jun 21 at 2:44
I got it, it is [self containedItem] which means it runs the method containedItem, yes. –  user3238496 Jun 21 at 2:47

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