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I know this may be duplicate, but I haven't found a best solution. I simply come across a issue of using ListBox.ItemTemplate, I want the content Grid to HorizontalAlignment="Stretch"(not work). So I tried to bind the Grid' Width to the ListBoxItem, but the last item behaves strangely. If bind to the Width of ListBox, there will be a scrollbar, although a converter may solve it, I think there must be some more simple and elegant solution.


public partial class MainWindow : Window
    public MainWindow()
        this.DataContext = new List<Data>()
            new Data("a1","a2"),
            new Data("b1","b2"),
            new Data("c1","c2")
        public class Data
            public Data(string s1, string s2)
                this.S1 = s1;
                this.S2 = s2;
            public string S1 { get; set; }
            public string S2 { get; set; }


    <ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding}">
                <Grid Background="Blue" 
                      Width="{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource FindAncestor, AncestorType={x:Type ListBox}}, 
                    Path=ActualWidth, Mode=OneWay}"
                    <TextBlock Text="{Binding S1, Mode=OneWay}" 
                               FontSize="20" Grid.Column="0"/>
                    <TextBlock Text="{Binding S2, Mode=OneWay}" 
                               FontSize="20" Grid.Column="1"/>

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Try to set ListBoxItem's HorizontalContentAlignment to Strecth, for example :

<ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding}">
        <Style TargetType="ListBoxItem">
            <Setter Property="HorizontalContentAlignment" Value="Stretch"/>
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It works, saved much time and code! –  Lei Yang Jun 21 '14 at 3:37

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