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I've seen many Django apps which allow me to create thumbnails of images (which users upload) through views but what I was is to allow the user to upload an image and create his own thumbnail.

For example, when someone uploads an image on facebook, he has the option to pick which thumbnail he wants. He is shown the image and can drag a square box around the image and whatever is inside the square box is what his thumbnail image is.

I have found one app which does this: https://github.com/jonasundderwolf/django-image-cropping

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any well known Django app which does what I need (other than the one I just linked to)?

Note: I'm just asking for more well known ones because I'm currently working on a project which will go on the production server right after I am done and a good amount of users will be using the image cropping tool so I'm hoping I can find an image cropping tool which lots of people have already used and can confirm has no glitches o issues.

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