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I submitted my iPhone application for Facebook login Review submission. Facebook responded by saying

Your app downloads successfully, but crashes upon opening. Please resolve any technical issues that prevent us from testing your app.

I sent them simulator build after testing.

I used simlaunch to test simulator build by my side.

I can see the app runs on my iPad simulator. What could be the reasons that crashed the reviewer's simulator?

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Is there any logs that they have sent when app crashed?? –  rishi Jun 21 at 6:20

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Facebook using ios-sim to test your applocation. Try with ios-sim. If your app works with ios-sim then you are able to submit simulator build for review your app.

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The iOS Simulator is a tool for testing applications. It is NOT a substitute for testing your application on real hardware. Your application has been rejected because it crashes when run on an actual iPad — you need to reproduce this issue (again: on real hardware, not the simulator) and correct it.

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My app also running fine on iPad/iPhone device. –  Pradip Vanparia Jun 21 at 5:11
My issue is, I am using Facebook SDK for wall post. But facebook want simulator build/iTunes ID for testing to approve my facebook app. Its my first upload. So, I can't give itunes ID for testing. Thats why I sent simulator build. Build working for me but not working for facebook review team –  Pradip Vanparia Jun 21 at 5:12

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