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i am using input html button but its position is different in chrome and firefox, below is my code:

<tr style="float: left; margin-left: 24% !important; width: 100%;">
        <div style="text-align: right;" class="txtNew">
        <div class="btn btn-booking unitRight size-btn-book-now mtm mbl" style="text-align: right;">
            <span style="float: left;">
                <button type="submit" onclick="return doSubmit();">Cancel</button></span>
                <button type="submit" onclick="return doSubmit();">Next</button></span>

please visit http://www.travelinfi.com/VisaRequest.html for above problem i face.

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please solve this problem asap –  Bhupendra Jun 21 at 6:04

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This issue is solved by removing width:50% of the div class btn btn-booking unitRight size-btn-book-now mtm mbl

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