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When I compute an ROC plot with the package pROC, I get the following error in RStudio v. 99.9.9:

## Loading required package: tcltk

## Warning: couldn't connect to display ":0"

## Error: [tcl] invalid command name "toplevel".

I thought this was an issue in my OS (Debian with r-base 3.1 installed from APT depending on tcl/tk lib version 8.5), but when evaluating the same code through the terminal, I get the plot rendered without the same error.

Here is a simple example following some pROC example code that will generate the error when knitted in RStudio, but works in vanilla R:

```{r markdown.test}
features <- runif(25)
labels <- as.factor(runif(25) < 0.75)
lda.model <- lda(as.matrix(features),labels)
lda.pred <- predict(lda.model,as.matrix(features))

lda.roc <- plot.roc(lda.pred$posterior[,1],
                    ci=TRUE, of="se", #specificities = seq(0,100,5),

The error occurs when the confidence interval parameters are added to the call.

Is there something missing from my RStudio install/config, or is this a bug?

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Confidence intervals as in [A…B]? –  Donal Fellows Jun 21 '14 at 8:17
@DonalFellows Yup, the function specifically computes a polygon from the confidence intervals computed over the input (posterior probabilities) and adds it to the plot. The line generated by calling it without those parameters plots without error. –  Trevor Alexander Jun 21 '14 at 22:10

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