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I know a little jQuery, but I'm not very good at 'real' JavaScript. I would like to make the following lines a lot simpler:

$('.product tr:nth-child(2) .knop',window.parent.document).bind("click", function(){
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursus').val($('.product tr:nth-child(2) .cursus a',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursusdatum').val($('.product tr:nth-child(2) .datum',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-opleidingscode').val($('.product tr:nth-child(2) .code',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursuslocatie').val($('.product tr:nth-child(2) .loc',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursustarief').val($('.product tr:nth-child(2) .tarief',window.parent.document).html())

    $('.product tr:nth-child(3) .knop',window.parent.document).bind("click", function(){
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursus').val($('.product tr:nth-child(3) .cursus a',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursusdatum').val($('.product tr:nth-child(3) .datum',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-opleidingscode').val($('.product tr:nth-child(3) .code',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursuslocatie').val($('.product tr:nth-child(3) .loc',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursustarief').val($('.product tr:nth-child(3) .tarief',window.parent.document).html())

    $('.product tr:nth-child(4) .knop',window.parent.document).bind("click", function(){
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursus').val($('.product tr:nth-child(4) .cursus a',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursusdatum').val($('.product tr:nth-child(4) .datum',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-opleidingscode').val($('.product tr:nth-child(4) .code',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursuslocatie').val($('.product tr:nth-child(4) .loc',window.parent.document).html())
    $('#edit-submitted-data-cursustarief').val($('.product tr:nth-child(4) .tarief',window.parent.document).html())

,etc,etc (I have now 30 of these blocks of code. I am sure there is a way to get rid of all this redundant code, but I did not succeed yet. I am using this code to populate fields in a form. Help is much appreciated!

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I think it would be better if you ask your question at codereview.stackexchange.com –  Uriil Jun 21 at 8:50

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You can use for loop.

var i;
for (i = 1; i < 41; i++) {
    $('.product tr:nth-child(" + i + ") .knop', window.parent.document).bind("click", function () {
        $('#edit-submitted-data-cursus').val($('.product tr:nth-child(" + i + ") .cursus a', window.parent.document).html())
        $('#edit-submitted-data-cursusdatum').val($('.product tr:nth-child(" + i + ") .datum', window.parent.document).html())
        $('#edit-submitted-data-opleidingscode').val($('.product tr:nth-child(" + i + ") .code', window.parent.document).html())
        $('#edit-submitted-data-cursuslocatie').val($('.product tr:nth-child(" + i + ") .loc', window.parent.document).html())
        $('#edit-submitted-data-cursustarief').val($('.product tr:nth-child(" + i + ") .tarief', window.parent.document).html())
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try something like this

you can use for loop or whatever method you want to define position variable

        var position = 2;// just for example
        var elem = $('.product tr:nth-child('+position+')', window.parent.document);

        elem.find('.knop').bind("click", function() {
            $('#edit-submitted-data-cursus').val(elem.find('.cursus a').html())
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Since you brough up 'real Javascript', here goes: (NB: since JS does not have a native method like jQuery's find, I am making some assumptions, ie. that the classes (.loc, .code, etc.) are all directly on tdelements & that .product is the table.

This code will attach one binding for the whole table (event delegation), check out the fiddle if you like, and press the button to see: http://jsfiddle.net/kevinvanlierde/6E7Gb/

var selCursus = document.getElementById('edit-submitted-data-cursus'),
    selDatum  = document.getElementById('edit-submitted-data-cursusdatum'),
    selCode   = document.getElementById('edit-submitted-data-opleidingscode'),
    selLoc    = document.getElementById('edit-submitted-data-cursuslocatie'),
    selTarief = document.getElementById('edit-submitted-data-cursustarief'),
    table =  document.getElementsByClassName('product')[0];

function getCursus(e) {
  var tr, td;
  if ( e.target.className.match('knop') ) {
    tr = e.target.parentNode.parentNode; // button > td > tr
    td = tr.getElementsByTagName('td');
    for ( var i = 0; i < td.length; i++ ) {
      switch(td[i].className) {
       case 'cursus':
       selCursus.value = td[i].innerHTML;
       case 'datum':
       selDatum.value = td[i].getElementsByTagName('a')[0].innerHTML;
       case 'code':
       selCode.value = td[i].innerHTML;
       case 'loc':
       selLoc.value = td[i].innerHTML;
       case 'tarief':
       selTarief.value = td[i].innerHTML;
table.addEventListener('click', getCursus, false);
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I actually tried all three solutions, but none of them worked. The solution of Gaurav looked best promising to me, because I had the same idea. But this gives the following error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: :nth-child() ... The solution of Rajesh works but only for position = 2... The solution of Tyblitz gives an error that the variable table is not defined... –  TonHaarmans Jun 22 at 16:36
@TonHaarmans As you can see, it works perfectly in the fiddle (follow the link & test). If your HTML is the same as in the fiddle, it should work. If it doesn't work, then it means you don't have an element with class=product so table=undefined. All answers will work, the only difference is my 'solution' also works without jQuery ( & is probably somewhat faster). In terms of performance, Gaurav's answer is the least efficient. Nth-child doesn't work because it is not native JS, it's jQuery. Please show us the HTML .product so we can help. –  Tyblitz Jun 22 at 19:41
Hi Tyblitz, I have set up a test page on bitbybit.be/test.html. Maybe the error is because document.getElementsByClassName is not standard js ? –  TonHaarmans Jun 24 at 6:01
BTW, the 'real thing' can be found on bitbybit.be/last-minutes –  TonHaarmans Jun 24 at 6:02
No, the problem is that you put the fields in an iframe. You can't reliably change the content in an iframedue to the same-origin policy stackoverflow.com/questions/364952/… –  Tyblitz Jun 24 at 14:09

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